Wednesday, November 3, 2010


this year for halloween we attended our ward party!
the event consisted of wonderful chili and soup, a costume parade, and of course a trunk or treat :)
due to our budget, we decided NOT to splurge on costumes. jace suggested we go as nudist to save our pennies. after convincing him pregnant and naked do NOT go together, we borrowed these sweet pirate costumes from tommy and meg who wore them last year. i ended up finding crae's for NINE dollars at party city :) i was pretty proud of our 9 dollar costumes!

McRae LOVED the trunk or treat. I couldn't get her to say trick or treat, but "more candy" was her phrase for the night :) i LOVE my little pirate!

thanks tommy and meg ;)


eric+dall said...

Your like the cutest pirates I've seen!!! Nice job!!

Keisha said...

cute costumer {and for only $9.00} i'm sure it will get more use in the years to come. you all look adorable. and can't wait to see pics of the bebe :D

Meags said...

SO stinkin' cute! love your costumes and love you pirates!