Friday, March 25, 2011


bruno mars. mcrae saying "loves you". footsteps. thunderstorms. birds chirping. bubble guppies theme song. the doorbell. cannon cooing. best friends voice. jace playing the guitar. kitchen timer. splash in the pool. baseball hitting the bat. lady antebellum. babys heartbeat. beeping when you forget your seatbelt. football commentators. the singing of happy birthday.
Ty turned 17 and he didn't even hear us sing. I love this kid so much and am so grateful for his attitude toward life. He is such an example to me. On his birthday, I told him that if Heavenly Father would let him trade ears with someone, that I would do it! I would give anything for this boy to hear. He told me that he would only trade me one ear, beacause he wouldn't want me to be completely deaf. Ty has such a big heart and I cannot wait for the day that we are made perfect and his ears will hear.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Atlanta Temple

so for those of you who don't know, the atlanta temple has been closed for about 18 months for remodeling. they basically left ONLY the outer walls and went to town making it better than ever. on May, 1, 2011 the temple will be rededicated and we can finally return to do the Lord's work. on the night of April 30, all of the youth in temple district will be putting on a program, singing and dancing, to celebrate the temple opening. this program will be broadcasted to all the buildings in the area for everyone to see. President Monson will even be there to watch. i recently received the assignment of teaching the youth in our ward the dance to be performed that night. i am so excited for this opportunity and have had such a fun time learning and teaching the dance. i knew that with our time limitations and with over 30 teenagers to teach, it would be a difficult task, but so far so good :)

BL Update

Okay okay, so February didn't go so well. I felt like i did so well in January, that i needed a break. DUMB, huh? yeah, well I only ended up losing 4 pounds in February. FOUR! i guess 4 is better than nothing.
February 1st: 146.5
March 1st: 142.5
Goal: 130

Mountain View Bears

high school baseball is one of my FAVORITE things.
luckily, we have THIS hot stud to watch this spring :)
our fam at the game!
crae LOVES the ballpark
she spends the whole time asking for money and eating treats :)

Valentine's Day

i LOVE valentine's day.
this year, jace and i went to Atlantic Station for dinner and did some shopping.
i LOVE this man. he is my sunshine.
our sweet baby girl can't get enough

dear papa,

if you won't be my valentine,

i'll kick, i'll scream, i'll whine.

i talked to mom, she doesn't mind

she said it was fine.

i love you more than Dora and Boots,

chocolate chips and even fruit!

come on babe, now that's a lot!

plus, i'm really cute.

jace dane mecham, papa, and dad

you're the best i've ever had.

please oh please will you be mine?

or i'll be really mad!

love, crae