Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cannon Jace

Cannon Jace Mecham
made his debut on December 1st (13 days early) at 11:33 pm
weighing in at 9 POUNDS 11 ounces.
36 weeks: Moms belly was measuring full term. Ultrasound was scheduled to see just how big I really was.
37 weeks: Ultrasound estimated that I was already 8 lbs 6 oz. Dr. Wiist told mom that we are no longer going by due date, but by SIZE.
38 weeks: Induction scheduled for December 1st at 830 a.m.
December 1st 8:30 a.m: Momma and Papa arrive at Gwinnett Medical. Fill out TONS of paper work. The head nurse then lets them know that all the rooms are full and to go eat breakfast and come back in an hour or so.
10:30a.m: We finally get in a room and mom gets her iv.
12:00p.m: Momma FINALLY gets the pitocin. Hours pass and NOTHING happens. No contractions, no pain.
6:00p.m. Dialated to a four. Dr. Wiist breaks her water. It's game time. The contractions start, but Mom is tough. Uncle Tommy stopped by and he and Papa helped her laugh her way through the pain.
8:00 p.m: Mom gets an epidural. She says that it was the most painful part of the whole process but SO worth it.
11:10p.m: Mom feels pressure and is ready to push. Dr. Wiist comes in and lets her push once to see if she is really ready. After the first push he tells mom to hold on! He rushes over and gets dressed and ready for my arrival. Mom pushes through just two more contractions.
11:33p.m: On my way out my shoulders got stuck on moms pelvic bone. The doctor and nurses were quick to get me out of there. The doctor heard a pop and thought I broke my collar bone, but here I am, ALL nine pounds of me, healthy as can be!
9 lbs. 11 oz. out weighing sister by a WHOLE pound :) (and the sibling rivalry begins...)
My PERFECT family.
It was LOVE at first sight

Love this man ALREADY! and it sure looks like he loves me :)