Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy LOVE Day :)

Dear Cupid,
I wanted to thank you, I couldn’t resist, Some don’t believe, but I know you exist. You first chose a man, and then took a shot. Your aim was right on, in his heart it caught. He then was star struck and in love he fell, With me of all people. What a story to tell. He's handsome and charming, one of a kind He’s just what I wanted you read my mind. It’s been 3 great years and much more to come, To you I must owe a very large sum. I’ll try to be the best wife that I can, Cupid, you rock! Dude, you’re the man.
Love, Karen

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


if i were a month, i'd be may. if i were a day of the week, i'd be saturday. if i were a time of day, i'd be mid morning. if i were a sea animal, i'd be a starfish. if i were a direction, i'd be south. if i were a gemstone, i'd be a pearl. if i were a tree, i'd be a magnolia. if i were a tool, i'd be a cricut. if i were a flower, i'd be a gerber daisy. if i were a kind of weather, i'd be sunny & hot. if i were a musical instrument, i'd be a piano. if i were a color, i'd be purple. if i were a fruit, i'd be a kiwi. if i were a drink, i'd be water. if i were a food, i'd be a ceasar salad. if i were a place, i'd be a tropical island. if i were a material, i'd be a floral print. if i were a scent, i'd be evergreen. if i were an object, i'd be a pair of sunglasses. if i were a song, i'd be "wannabe".

Superbowl XLIV

we spent superbowl sunday with some GREAT friends at our place.
most of us didn't have a preference of who won except jace and blake.
jace rooted for the SAINTS! and blake, the colts.
it was an exciting game and jace got his wish!
some pics from the evening:
brian and lauren :) blake, brinli and thaliea lynds and cody! i'm so bummed we didn't get a pic of ALL the AWESOME food. chips and salsa veggies! scotcharoos cookies pigs in a blanket brownies pizza marshmellow popcorn wings! thank you friends for coming! we had a BLAST!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nothing On My Mind but GEORGIA

As most of you know, McRae is my parents FIRST grandkid. Because of this, it is SO hard for them to go very long without seeing her. My mom can hardly stand it. So.... we are GOING TO GEORGIA!! We leave one week from today... the 13th! Jace can only stay until the 16th so he doesn't miss too much work. However, McRae and I will be there for TWO WHOLE weeks! We are so very grateful for my parents flying us home. It is hard to live 2000+ miles away!
Things I Love About Georgia:
my family!
mall of GA
steak n shake :)
my home ward
the smell of my house
the warm weather :)
my moms bed!
So thank you mom and pop... but mostly thank you MCRAE! :)
(they wouldnt fly us home if it weren't for her!)