Friday, July 27, 2012

Here's to FIVE years! :)

Happy Anniversary to my main squeeze!

he stole my heart and made me fall,
he took my hand, made me his all.
he picked me, the knot was tied,
he made me one happy bride.
he's always there to make me smile
he makes this life so worthwhile.
he serenades as he plays guitar,
he may not know, but he's a star.
on his head, you'll find a hat
you better believe that brim is flat.
his teeth are white like a ghost,
his eyes are green, he's the most!
his ears are clean, that's a bet
q tips are something he NEVER forgets.
he helped me make my dreams come true,
he blessed me with thing one and thing two.
he answers to dad, papa and jace
those two little things love kissing his face.
together forever, sounds like it'd be tough,
but even eternity isn't enough.

notice the hat... in EVERY pic ;)