Sunday, July 12, 2009

2 months

10 lbs 7 oz. 23 3/4 inches

Independence Day!

McRae's first 4th of July!
McRae and Papa
Mamma and McRae
Our Little Family :)

Family Reunion

The Garrett family reunion was held in New Boston, Texas just a few weeks ago. My family had planned on going for months and everytime I talked to my mom on the phone, this was all she talked about. I started feeling left out and really wanted to go. I asked Jace if McRae and I could go and he said, "find a ticket!". He wasn't able to go because of school and work. I decided not to tell my family that we were coming! Mom and the fam didn't expect to see us again until August. It was such a great surprise! They were all shocked and we had a blast!
Mom's reaction when she saw McRae.
Ty, McRae, ME, Teej, Mom and Kels 4 generations
Pop me Mom
Me and Kels!
The Fam! Minus Tommy and Jace
Me, Grandmother and McRae
home! my sweet husband. Thanks for letting us go :)