Monday, November 29, 2010

37 weeks.

thirty seven weeks: baby is measuring 8 lbs. 6 oz. and belly is measuring full term.
so ready for this baby to get here!


oh how McRae LOVES her Pappy.
Pappy works mostly from home so is around to hang out with us on most days.
McRae has THIS man wrapped around her little finger.
Not only does Pappy RARELY tell her no, he moves on her demand.
He takes her outside to play almost everyday, giving me a break :)
He is FAMOUS for having sweets on him at all times. McRae knows just where to go for candy.
And if I ever make her mad she cries to Pappy.
She LOVES this man and nana can't stand it :)
I am so grateful to him for all that he does for our family.
He is always so willing to help out before he is ever asked.
Not sure what I would do without him!
I am so glad McRae will have him when Cannon gets here!


This Thanksgiving we spent at Uncle Todd's and Aunt Cheryl's.
Complete with Mom, Pop, Ty, T.j., Mamaw Peg, Papa Skip, Tommy, Megan, Lisa Wallace, Blake, Nicole, and EIi. and of course Todd and Cheryl.
We had quite the spread of DELICIOUS food! After lunch, we had four games of tennis going rather than nap or watch football! It was so GREAT to have so much family together!
I didn't get very many pictures...
Crae baby
Lisa and Mamaw
Todd and Cheryl Jace and my HUGE self. This Thanksgiving I have SO MUCH to be thankful for I can hardly believe it. my healthy beautiful baby girl. my baby boy on the way. jaces job. my parents. the gospel. food. healthcare. our cars. my amazing husband. wood burning stove. friends. scriptures. texting. thomas s monson. the cool weather. my favorite tv shows. music. ward members. jaces sweet family. the Savior. Dora the Explorer. washing machine. These are just a few things I am thankful for this year :)

Almost 30?!

Happy Happy 26th Birthday J.Love!
He is now officially closer to 30 than 20!
30 sounds so OLD!
Reeses Ice Cream Cake :)
LOVE this picture of my TWO favorite people :) I LOVE this man SO much! I am SO grateful for his hard work that keeps this family going! I look forward to spending MANY more birthdays with this sweet guy!


This fall Jace got to play on a flag football team with some ward members! Ty AND Tommy were on the team as well! They went undefeated the ENTIRE season....
Until the championship game....
They got smoked.
Of course I didn't bring my camera to one game until this last one...
pep talk

I'm so grateful to be in Georgia with my family! It was so great to see Jace and my brothers playing together :) I'm glad they all get along so well!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Side by Side

Crae and Cannon 35 weeks

40 weeks?

No. Not 40 weeks yet.
Only 35 1/2. But this belly is measuring full term!
Dr. Wiist said we are now going by size and NOT due date!
Nov. 23 I have another ultrasound to see just how big Cannon is.
If he is measuring full term as well, induction will be scheduled.
Wish us luck!
I do not want to have a size 40 week belly for 4 more weeks!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

BaBa Gone?

I finally decided that it was time to get rid of the bottles! With Crae turning 18 months this month, and Cannon making his debut next month, it was time. Since McRae turned one, she has only been allowed to have her bottle in bed. So only at nap time and bed time. This has made the transition surprisingly easy! Its been one week and we've have only had a couple of melt downs.
We got out ALL her bottles and lined them up. I told her it was time to "throw them away" and that bottles are for babies.
One by one she put them in the sack. I tied it up and let her put the sack in the trash can. She told them bye bye and that was it. Next nap time i layed her down and told her night night. She looked at me with the sweetest face and "baba gone?" I about lost it. It was so sad! I am so proud of her for being such a big girl making this an easy transition for both of us! I love her so so much!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


this year for halloween we attended our ward party!
the event consisted of wonderful chili and soup, a costume parade, and of course a trunk or treat :)
due to our budget, we decided NOT to splurge on costumes. jace suggested we go as nudist to save our pennies. after convincing him pregnant and naked do NOT go together, we borrowed these sweet pirate costumes from tommy and meg who wore them last year. i ended up finding crae's for NINE dollars at party city :) i was pretty proud of our 9 dollar costumes!

McRae LOVED the trunk or treat. I couldn't get her to say trick or treat, but "more candy" was her phrase for the night :) i LOVE my little pirate!

thanks tommy and meg ;)