Monday, April 11, 2011

it's happening.

okay, so when i started this whole BIGGEST LOSER thing, i cant honestly say that deep down inside i didn't know if I could really do it. if i could have enough self control to for go tacobell, resees cups, milkshakes, rice krispe treats, pizza hut pizza, powder sugar covered french toast, poptarts, chicfila. BUT here is my update thus far. January 1st: 159.5 February 1st: 146.5 March 1st:142.5 April 1st: 135 Goal weight: 130 it's HAPPENING! and i am ALMOST there. throughout these 3months I have exercised MAYBE seven days total. i have lost these pounds by eating HEALTHY! it REALLY works! i'm sure it helps that i'm nursing too. it seems as though he's sucking the fat right off :) i'm going to TRY to start exercising more often and at this rate, i may have to lower my goal weight :)