Friday, October 23, 2009

Hiking the Y

For those of you who have never hiked the Y, it is WAY harder than it looks! AH! It was exhausting, but a GREAT workout! Jace packed McRae up the WHOLE way!
At the top!
Overlooking Provo Half way down. She was POOPED!

Braedyn turns ONE!

McRae's first birthday party :)
Braedyn is Paul and Cayeling's.
They were in our Provo ward.
All the little ones :)

Georgia Friends!

1st time meeting McRae
ALL of us at Tucanos :) Bridal Veil
me and SHAN!
Morning before they left!

The BIg 2-5!

Landon turned 25!
Marza and Lando All of us after cake and ice cream
Texas Roadhouse for his birthday dinner!

Mom Comes to Utah!

McRAe LOVES her nana! She was only here for a few days, but we enjoyed EVERY minute!


Four Months!
13.3 lbs 25.66 inches
Dinner with Lynds and Cody
Girls NIGHT! Pink Toenails :)
Spending time with Kels
BYU game !

August 2009!

Here is a summary of our August:
McRae and Gavin
Lunch with the Smith's! Picnic with the Malone's and Day's
The Day's :)
Fuddrucker's with aunt KiKi :)
In Vernal for Dustin Bunderson's reception!


So for those of you who have been wondering where the heck I have been.... I'm back!
We haven't have internet at our house since we moved here in Decemeber. At first, we were able to connect to some unprotected wireless connections, but that only lasted so long. Then, I resorted to using the internet at friends' houses (Thanks so much MEAG AND JORD!! and MARCI AND LANDON)! Lately, however, I have just been going without. But no worries! We now have wireless and I am determined to get this blog updated no matter how overwhelming it seems! My last post McRae was only two months! and now... well she is almost SIX! Stay tuned for updates on the Mecham family!