Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Po turns TWO

McRae is my SUNSHINE
and she is TWO! cake pops i made for play group po on the morning of her birthday monkey joes with friends sumner.halley.justin.selah.crae.owen singing happy birthday her (MY) favorite present :) THIS girl keeps us smiling :)

Nicknames: Po. Popo. Crae. CraeCrae. MickeyRae. Sugar. Sissy.

Favorite Foods: PB&J. Pizza. String Cheese. Spaghetti. Oatmeal. Mac&Cheese. Cereal. Chocolate Chips

Favorite Songs: Wheels on the Bus.Pop Goes the Weasel.Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Sunbeam

Favorite People (besides US of course): Pappy. T.j. Nana. Mark&Wiz(Liz). Dami(Damian). Kiki(Kelsey).

Favorite Things To Do: play at the park. go to the mall. play the iPad. color. watch Dora.BubbleGuppies.Team Umi Zoomi.Max&Ruby.

Our Favorite Quotes:

"Po grumpy!"

"I go to the mall!"

"Help me find Dad's iPad!"

After being told something she is wearing is cute, "NANA BOUGHT IT!"

"Poop won't come outta me!"

to cannon: "Look at me! Look at me! Listen! Listen!"

"Too bad!"

"I don't wanna go to bed!"

(Notice MOST of those were COMMANDS!)

McRae is VERY independent! We are told she RUNS the nursery.

She is very persistent and quite the con artist. She will DO or SAY ANYTHING to stay up just a LITTLE bit longer.

She is SMART! She amazes us EVERY day. She knows ALL her colors and shapes including a HEXAGON! :)

We love her more than anything. We are so grateful to have her in our lives. She helps us remember what is important and not to sweat the small stuff. She is our everything and our all.

Tom turns 26

Things We LOVE About TOM!
his GOOD cooking
his "technology" skills
his laugh
he's a GREAT dad!
his love of movies

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5 months!

our sweet baby boy is 5 months already.
he is a scrawny little thing, 14lbs, due to his reflux.
he pukes and pukes and pukes.
after 4 different medications and two different formulas, he is back to nursing with a dose of maalox every now and then. doc says he just has to 'grow out of it'.
this little 5 month-er eats a jar of fruit everyday mixed with rice cereal. he usually keeps it all down due to the thicker substance.
he is so handsome although we aren't sure WHO he looks like.
he is a TOTAL mommas boy and can ALWAYS be found clinging to her shirt, hair, hip, shoulder, ect...
he is SPOILED rotten and SCREAMS when he doesn't get attention.
he is a finger sucker. and we LOVE him :)

Happy Easter

This year Easter was filled with cake making, egg dying, 2 egg hunts and of course church!
Jace and I are in the ward choir. We put on a big Easter program for sacrament meeting and it went so well! This time of year I am especially grateful for Jesus Christ and for the atonement. Where would we be without it?
Easter was so much fun for little McRae.
Enjoy the pics :)