Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5 months!

our sweet baby boy is 5 months already.
he is a scrawny little thing, 14lbs, due to his reflux.
he pukes and pukes and pukes.
after 4 different medications and two different formulas, he is back to nursing with a dose of maalox every now and then. doc says he just has to 'grow out of it'.
this little 5 month-er eats a jar of fruit everyday mixed with rice cereal. he usually keeps it all down due to the thicker substance.
he is so handsome although we aren't sure WHO he looks like.
he is a TOTAL mommas boy and can ALWAYS be found clinging to her shirt, hair, hip, shoulder, ect...
he is SPOILED rotten and SCREAMS when he doesn't get attention.
he is a finger sucker. and we LOVE him :)


Lauren and Brian Davis said...

OMG he is sooo dang cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Karen! You are looking amazing! I admire you for losing so much weight! And cannon is such a handsome man!!! Your kids are some of the most adorable kids I've ever seen :)

-M- said...

Be. Still. My. HEART. He is seriously ADORABLE!! I can't believe he is 5 months old already.

eric+dall said...

Omgness!! He is sooo cute!!! I'm dying!!

The Malones said...

ahh can't wait to see him again in just a few weeks!

Meags said...

okay i have been meaning to comment forever! i can't believe how much cannon has grown! he is so skinny (compared to chunky luke) and CUTE! can't wait to see you all SOON!