Monday, November 29, 2010


oh how McRae LOVES her Pappy.
Pappy works mostly from home so is around to hang out with us on most days.
McRae has THIS man wrapped around her little finger.
Not only does Pappy RARELY tell her no, he moves on her demand.
He takes her outside to play almost everyday, giving me a break :)
He is FAMOUS for having sweets on him at all times. McRae knows just where to go for candy.
And if I ever make her mad she cries to Pappy.
She LOVES this man and nana can't stand it :)
I am so grateful to him for all that he does for our family.
He is always so willing to help out before he is ever asked.
Not sure what I would do without him!
I am so glad McRae will have him when Cannon gets here!


Keisha said...

what would we do without grandpas?! luke is the exact same way with my dad. and i love it!

good luck this week. xoxo

The Wendler Family said...

Nothing quite like a good pappy! :) Love all of the pictures. I am so glad that you are close to your parents and that he is building such a good relationship with 'cRae!