Monday, November 15, 2010

40 weeks?

No. Not 40 weeks yet.
Only 35 1/2. But this belly is measuring full term!
Dr. Wiist said we are now going by size and NOT due date!
Nov. 23 I have another ultrasound to see just how big Cannon is.
If he is measuring full term as well, induction will be scheduled.
Wish us luck!
I do not want to have a size 40 week belly for 4 more weeks!!

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The Wendler Family said...

Its just because you love me so much that you wanted to be like me and measure weeks ahead of your due date. ;) I'll take the complement, but don't worry about laboring for 5 days and going past the due date like I did.

Even if you are measuring big, you look fantastic!! I love your belly! You are such a beautiful pregnant woman!
Love and miss you Kar! xo