Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy LOVE Day :)

Dear Cupid,
I wanted to thank you, I couldn’t resist, Some don’t believe, but I know you exist. You first chose a man, and then took a shot. Your aim was right on, in his heart it caught. He then was star struck and in love he fell, With me of all people. What a story to tell. He's handsome and charming, one of a kind He’s just what I wanted you read my mind. It’s been 3 great years and much more to come, To you I must owe a very large sum. I’ll try to be the best wife that I can, Cupid, you rock! Dude, you’re the man.
Love, Karen

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Anonymous said...

Cute poem! Did you write that? I envy you... I wish I could write a poem.

I'm sad that we are moving again too! We'll be back... but that really is stinky timing! It doesn't help my client(el?). I can take them just a month early!? We leave the second week in April. I can't believe she will be 1 in May!