Sunday, October 24, 2010

ONE BIG JOSE!!! (deer)

Here goes the first and only blog entry I will ever write unless I ever draw another big time tag, but this one is worthy of a blog post to me. The Book Cliffs is a limited entry draw area in Utah. It gave out 312 permits for around 4,000 applicants. Its too complicated to explain how it works but every year you apply you get a point if you don't get chosen. I got EXTREMELY lucky and drew a permit with only 1 point. (there are people with 8 points who are still waiting to draw a permit) In other words I am the guy everyone hates because I shouldn't have drawn and I did :)
I have been anticipating this hunt ever since April when I found out I got the permit. I saved my money just in case I could find a buck worthy of mounting. I haven't really been that into hunting before but this hunt really got me going. After 6 months of anticipation it was all over in ONE HOUR!! Opening morning we drove our 4 wheelers about 300 yards out of camp and stumbled across this bruiser. One quick shot and some dancing around with my brother Monte and my best friend Landon and it was over!!! The deer of a lifetime!! It scores 186 1/2 points which in normal world terms equals ONE BIG JOSE!!!!
The funniest part of the whole trip is my Dad decided to sleep in, and missed the whole thing! We had to go back to camp to get him to come see it :) We were worried we didnt have enough food to last the hunt and we came home the same day it started with a monster.
Needless to say I am addicted to hunting. If you haven't tried it you need to cause I am a believer:)


Meags said...

way to go jace! that is definitely one freaking BIG jose! it kind of grosses me out though. you can officially call yourself a hunter:)

Meags said...

oh ... and way to go kare for getting him to write this blog post! jord would never be caught dead typing something up for us to read.