Saturday, June 5, 2010

Road Trip!

So first of all I just wanted to give a BIG thanks to ALL who helped us crae.load truck.
we had so many awesome helpers that made EVERYTHING much easier!!
i am sad to say that i got NO pictures of us cleaning, or loading the truck, or of our apartment.
i just wasn't on top of it.
From the night before we left Orem, until we made it to Missouri!
The night before we took off we had dinner with some of our BESTIES!
i LOVE this pic of these THREE
landon says he is going to miss crae the most! Day One: Mom drove my car with McRae and I in the back. We followed Jace in the Budget truck that was hauling his pickup. We traveled from Orem, UT to Albuequerque, NM. We should have driven FURTHER because we arrived in NM around six p.m. and day two ended up being a LONG one!! However, we were ALL ready to get out! We decided to make the trip a little easier for McRae by putting her in her forward facing carseat for the FIRST time!! SHE LOVED IT to say the least! As soon as we took off driving, she was dancing and giggling. It was GREAT! This is what she looked like MOST of the trip: This is her the other part of the trip :) Day Two: We drove from Albuequerque, NM to New Boston, TX. After waking up, packing, loading the car and of course continental breakfast, we didn't get on the road until about 8. We arrived in New Boston shortly after MIDNIGHT! It was a long and boring drive across Texas. Day Three: We stayed all day in New Boston visiting family. It was so nice to be able to relax and show off McRae to the grandparents :) Me and Grandmother (my Dad's mom) Grandmother, Harrison, and Crae (Harrison is my cousin's son) Crae and Papaw Tommy (my Mom's Dad) love this pic :) I also got to meet my new cousin RIDGE :) (Ridge belongs to my Mom's stepbrother) We also visited with my Mammaw Peg and Papa Skip (mom's mom and step dad) but I didn't get any pictures! Oh how I love ALL of my awesome Grandparents and family in Texas! I was sad to leave not knowing when we would be back! Day Four: New Boston, TX to Lawrenceville, GA! This drive was only a mere TWELVE hours and we all were so GRATEFUL! All in all the trip couldn't have gone any better. McRae did GREAT! The car and truck ran smoothly, no one wrecked or even got ticket! We spent the next five days in Georgia relaxing before we headed to Missouri. We unloaded and returned the budget truck, watched nana play tennis and ALMOST made a trip to the E.R.! McRae and Nana in their tennis gear after a match! This iron decoration USE to be hanging over the guest bed. One morning McRae woke up but Jace and I weren't QUITE ready so I pulled her into bed with us. Well, apparently she was tired of laying down and wanted to play. She stood up and grabbed a hold of this thing. I quickly grabbed her hand and tried to get her to let go. I guess I pulled on her as she was pulling on it... and well. It came CRASHING down. LUCKILY, NOT on her, but on me. When it first hit me, I grabbed my head in pain and started crying. At this point, Jace was still asleep. Well not for long. He says at first he thought I was FAKING it! As soon as I pulled my hand off my head and saw ALL the blood, he JUMPED up and ran McRae to my mom, and then came back for me. We went to the bathroom as blood was dripping EVERYWHERE. He got me a wet rag and told me hold it on there. He then proceeded to tell me he needed to sit down because he was feeling lightheaded from all the blood. WHAT?! Seriously, HE was feeling lightheaded!? Well the smell of the blood starting getting to me. I started to walk out of the bathroom saying I needed to lie down and the next thing I know Jace looking down at me saying my name. I had totally passed out! To make a long story a little shorter, we called my uncle Steve (Pop's brother) who is a PA in the army. He said that I should be fine and if it were his head he wouldn't get stitches. I was a little nervous about having a HUGE scar and whole in my hair but decided NOT to go to the hospital. We actually ended up braiding the hair around the wound SHUT (Thanks MEL!) and it healed beautifully! The next day we made the 10 hour drive to Columbia, Missouri! It is so beautiful and GREEN here! Our apartments turned out being VERY nice and we are only about 10 miles from the University of Missouri (Mizzou). There are two pools, two gyms and free tanning! I was pretty impressed with all of the facilities. Okay, so sorry for the LONG post! More to come SOON! :)


Toones said...

Karen, Ridge is your cousin! haha not your nephew! Silly! Im so glad you guys got to come to Alabama for the shower! Thanks for doing that even though Im sure you were all too ready to NOT ever be in a car agan! I really appreciate it! Love you guys!!

The Wendler Family said...

Fun to see pics and hear the story again. So glad your head is better! :) You think MO is green?? I think almost all of the south is green! lol
Miss you!

Lauren and Brian said...

1- glad the trip went well.
2- that's a nasty gash on your head! glad it healed well.
3- mcrae is so cute!
4- love the amenities at your complex ... free tanning???
5- i miss you!