Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Madness!

so this is a post about our journey in missouri thus far...
this pregnancy has been MUCH better than the last, so I can't complain TOO much! BUT i have been feeling pretty puny. THIS time i have been taking a prescription to help with the nausea and it has been such a blessing! i have only puked ten or so times. LAST pregnancy, I couldn't take one sip of water without throwing up. i am so grateful considering I have a one year old to keep up with this time around.
the first week in missouri was awful. jace would wake up with mcrae and let me sleep in. i would get up when he was getting ready to leave around noon. i stayed on the couch all day and slept when mcrae did. i felt like an awful mom, having no patience and being glued to the couch! By the time Jace got home around nine or ten, I was usually already asleep and Jace was left to make his own dinner. I felt like a LOSER! Jace assured me that he didn't mind and wished he was home more often to help out!! (he is amazing!)
Anyway, I decided I couldn't live like that MUCH longer so Mom suggested McRae and I come to GA until I was feeling better. On Mother's Day, Jace drove me 5 hours to Kentucky where he met Pop and that was only HALF WAY. I was so grateful to these two men for sacrificing their ENTIRE Sunday for ME!
McRae and I ended up spending FOUR WHOLE WEEKS in Georgia with my family. My family was so great! They all helped me so much with McRae and delt with me being so whiney! I got a nap whenever I needed and a meal or snack fixed for me about every two hours! I cannot thank my Mom enough for fitting us into her busy schedule. After about four weeks, I was feeling PRETTY good, and I missed Jace SO much, so once again, Pop and Jace made the ten hour drive to take us back to Missouri. McRae was so happy to see her Papa :)
Once in MO, Jace's company decided they were going to move their office to Idaho Falls, ID in one week! WHAT...?! We had JUST came from out there! I was so upset. I had been living out of a suticase for 6 weeks now and just wanted to stay in one place. I told Jace that there was no way I was driving clear to Idaho with a one year old, that McRae and I were going back to GA and he could go if he wanted. Jace decided he didn't want to leave his family again, so he would come to GA with us and work for Pop sooner than we has planned. Later that week, Jace's boss called to see if we would be willing to move to Springfield, IL where their second office is located. I guess they didn't want to see there 3rd best seller in the office get away :) Jace and I decided that we had planned to be out selling this summer anyway, and that Illinois was only a three hour drive so here we are.
Springfield, Illinois.
This better be our LAST move until we go back to Georgia in the fall.


Lauren and Brian said...

WOW! what a crazy time! hope you are feeling better girl!

Meags said...

holy crazy! i am glad you all didn't have to go to idaho ... i would seriously be depressed for you! hope you like illinois though! and hope you are feeling better! ... for you, jace, and crae!:)

The Wendler Family said...

I would have said the same thing!! Glad you will get to finish out the summer with Jace making some good money seeing as he is so good at what he does. Glad the two of you are back together.
When Tim and I are away, our saying is, "Man was not ment to be alone." :) And its true!
I am sure you are going to finish off your morning sickness here pretty soon. Just you wait. Then you will love LOVE being pregnant. ;)