Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two Weddings and A Baby!

As most of you know, my brother Tommy is marrying this pretty girl August 6, 2010 in the Columbia, South Carolina Temple. :)
And for more RECENT news, this little girl is ENGAGED!
Kelsey and Zach will be married September 4, 2010 in the Boise, Idaho Temple!
Kels will have JUST turned 19 when they get married, which is EXACTLY when Jace and I were married. I now realize that I was SUPER young! However, I wouldn't change a THING! We are so happy for these two little love birds :)
And last but not least, we are expecting BABY NUMBER TWO :) I am due Decmeber 15, 2010. We... well I, have wanted another baby since McRae was born! So we are super excited to welcome another sweet spirit into our home! These BIG events taking place in the McRae family will make for a BUSY, but EXCITING year :)


The Wendler Family said...

Weddings are so fun.
I am so excited for your new baby!! Motherhood, pregnancy, and birth are such a blessing. You are such a great mom.

Meags said...

you all have such a fun, busy year ahead! congrats to tommy and kelsey and you guys too of course! hope all is well back in MO!

P.S. nice baby countdown;)

Shanda and Stephen said...

congrats karen! mcrae's shirt is so cute!

The Oldroyd's said...

I can only imagine the stress your poor mother is under!!! All of this AND starting a new job this week. Bless her heart! Congrats on on the 2nd baby though!! Maybe you can help me talk Matt into letting me have one (:

Haha. Yeah right...