Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I cannot believe that my baby is ONE!
Time really FLIES by! It feels like just yesterday I was giving birth!
Let me just say that this past year has been the BEST so far!
This little girl is such an angel and brings so much joy and peace into our home!
I am so grateful to be a mommy and that she chose me!
McRae decided to have her birthday right in the middle of us packing to move across the country. So we threw a quick LITTLE party with some close friends at the park!
McRae and her "cake" (fruit pizza)
opening presents
FRIENDS :) Accomplishments Thus Far:
words she says and knows:
uh oh
she can sign:
eat she blows kisses
Cocoa is my parents dog. McRae says Cocoa whenever she sees ANY dog. It is SO CUTE! She also signs "eat" every morning when she wakes up. She knows it will get her a warm bowl of oatmeal :) Sometimes she chooses not to sign but you can get a "please" or a "more" out of her with an oreo or popsicle FOR SURE!
To date, this one year old has NO TEETH! NOT ONE!! We are still patiently waiting for her to cut her first tooth.
Oh, we just LOVE her!


camilla hallows said...

Love the fruit pizza! So sad that babies grow up huh?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday McRae! How cute is she!? I can't believe she is one! And such a little smartie pants too!

Lauren and Brian said...

she is SO sweet! i'm sad we had to miss her party. we miss you guys. hope you are loving misery. :)

Meags said...

happy birthday to crae! 2 weeks ago:) love the pics! we are sad too that we missed her fun party!