Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mecham Family Reunion

Our reunion started with THIS kid coming home from his mission:
Elder Trent Taylor.
Columbia South Carolina
He now shares my love for the south :)
We then watched THIS kid graduate from Wayne County High School:
Rhett Taylor
pretty in purple :)
And now for the highlight of the reunion.
The Mecham Family AMAZING RACE!
the PINK team:
McKade,Tyler, Zack, ME, Cannon, Kiera
We broke into 4 teams of five people. We then raced around the Taylor's ranch and the town of Bicknell completing 13 various tasks! From barrel racing (on bikes) to building sheep herders' monuments, we had a BALL! We spent the ENTIRE day spending time together as one BIG family!
cowboy relay
target shooting
ALL the nieces & nephews with their FAVORITE aunt :)
the adults :)
A HUGE shout out to JONI for making this possible! She housed and fed ALL 22 of us for FIVE days! She worked so hard planning the AMAZING RACE and plenty other activities that kept us busy! THANK YOU THANK YOU! WE LOVE YOU!


Anonymous said...

You look amazing!! Spill it how did u do it!? Is that Kelsey or do u have another sister? U two look amazingly alike!

Meags said...

love these pics ... what a fun amazing race! it was so fun to see you guys during that trip:)

way to go for getting to your goal weight! you are skinny and smokin'!

miss and love you all!