Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Big Stars

Our family (mom,pop,tommy,meg,jace,me) is kicking off the new year with our version of the biggest loser! It's one of Jace and I's favorite shows so we decided to play a little game of our own. For those of you who haven't seen the show, you should watch it. Very large contestants spend 16 weeks eating healthy and working out and try to lose as much weight as possible. The winner at the end of the season goes home with $250,000 and a healthier self.
January 1st 2011, all six of us put $20 each into an envelope. We all weighed in, on the same scale. On February 1st, the person who has lost the most percentage of body weight (ME!) wins the $120. We will continue playing each month for 4 months. I am so excited to be doing this with my fam! Mom is keeping my eating in check and Jace is keeping my workouts going.
My goal: Not just to be able to fit into, but to look cute in my FAVORITE jeans :)
Oh, and with all the money I'm going to win, I'll be able to buy MORE :)
Starting weight:159.5
Goal weight: 130 29.5lbs to go.


Anonymous said...

That's a cute idea! Good luck!!

Lauren and Brian Davis said...

I might just copy this idea! Good luck lady!!

The Frasers said...

Good luck! I hope you win the money, then you can go reward yourself with new clothes!!

The Wendler Family said...

What a fun and great idea! You can totally do it!
There's nothin' like a good pair of jeans that lift and separate the right way in the back. ;)
Keeps us posted on your progress!

eric+dall said...

you can do it, and not only can you do it you can kill it!!

way to go!! our family is doing the same thing!! and i am going to win, (i think our pot is around 300$$)

Meags said...

love all of your new posts! and of course the pictures:)
way to go on running/walking that 5K ... sounds like so much fun! and so does your little contest. i vote that you will WIN! you go girl!

see you soon!!!