Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Mechams are Moving.

As most of you know, Jace graduated in December with quite possibly the WORST degree to have in this economy. CONSTRUCTION management. He applies for SEVERAL jobs daily, but has heard NOTHING! Residential construction is almost at a standstill! The job Jace has now with Southam and Hreinson is a construction job, but he is being paid hourly with NO benefits. He was told he would be getting a raise after he graduated, but 3 months later... nothing. He knows that there isn't much of a future with this small residential construction company.
Jace's current boss also owns a company called Clear Satellite. They have several guys go out and sale dish network and direct tv door to door during the summer. His boss has been encouraging Jace to go for some time now. We had always said that when summer came, IF we still hadn't heard from any other jobs, then we would move. Just for the summer, just for a few months. So, we are moving!
Where you ask? COLUMBIA, MISSOURI!
April 20, 2010
Well, I got to thinking about this whole moving ordeal. We were going to move half way across the country and then all the way back after a few short months, just to return to a job with no future? That doesn't make much since when we have ANOTHER option :)
GEORGIA! Pop and Mom have been BEGGING us to move home for some time now. Pop has said that Jace can work with him doing insurance adjusting until he finds something else. Not to mention the housing market is RIDICULOUSLY cheap compared to Utah. We would be able to have our own house in no time! This makes me smile :) So I proposed to Jace that if we are moving half way across the country (to Missouri), then we should go ALL the way (to Georgia)! So in the fall, after summer sales, off to GEORGIA we will go! Despite what MOST of you may think, I really would rather NOT move! If Jace was offered a great job in Utah we would STAY!!! I love Utah: the weather, our friends, our family, our ward, the mountains. It has been a long and hard decision, but we feel a move to a place with more oppurtunity is the right choice.


Lauren and Brian said...

Holy Cow! What a change! This is exciting for you guys ... it's sad that to see you go. I feel better about it since we are leaving too. Let's hang out soon ... before we all leave!

Aubrey said...

I just saw your fb status and thought I'd check out the deets. :) I'll have to add you to my reader so I can keep up with you guys! I'm sad you'll be moving soon but it'll be fun for you to be closer to your folks!

Mandy said...

I know your mom is jumping for joy to have you back in GA!! I would love to move back!!

Danna said...

How exciting! Sounds like things are looking up! I'm sure Georgia will be great! Josh is doing the door-to-door thing this summer too, in Raleigh, NC. Crappy jobs, but at least they pay well. :) Have fun this summer! We'll miss you guys!

Meags said...

i am excited for you guys! although we wish we were coming too ... or just moving SOMEWHERE in general:) AND easton and me will miss you and crae as our walking buddies this summer! it is crazy to think you will be gone!

camilla hallows said...

Exciting about your move! It'll be nice to be with fam!

The fruit pizza:
2 rolls of sugar cookie dough (or you can make your own)I cut it into a 1 shape after it cooled and then transferred it to a different tray to frost.
frosting: 1 pkg cream cheese and 1 jar marshmallow cream
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We miss you guys! Take care!