Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving in V-TOWN!

We spent this Thanksgiving in Vernal with Jace's family. We had a day FULL of delicious food and GREAT company!
McRae and Grandpa

Our Family

McRae going for the FUDGE

Saturday after Thanksgiving we had a HUGE family Christmas party with over 80 people! Nancy and Amy were in charge and it was WONDERFUL! The decorations were awesome! The food was delicious and even SANTA made an appearance :)
Us with Grandma Merkley Jace and McRae with SANTA! LOVING the candy cane playing cards with Papa
Nancy and I :) Thanksgiving break was so much fun. It was great to get away! This Thanksgiving I have a LOT to be thankful for:
my sweet baby girl.the great husband.his job.our little apartment.the temple.cold food.relief society.card games.laughing.our cars.jesus christ.the heater.jaces education.

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Jord and Meags said...

looks like you all had a fun thanksgiving with jace's family! cute pictures ... love 'em all!