Tuesday, April 14, 2009


april first 2009! marci turns 23! we all went to dinner at chilie's followed by ice cream cake :)
REASONS we LOVE marci:
1. she is SO talented! the BEST seamstress i know! not only can she make the most amazing quilts EVER, she often finds herself doing little odd sewing jobs for me :)
2. she is SO nice! she would do ANYTHING for ANYONE :)
3. marci is so fashionable! she is always wearing the latest fashions and hardly ever wears the same thing twice! she is super CUTE!
4. selfless! no matter what is going on in her life she ALWAYS puts others first!
5. GREAT example! she just graduated with a bachelors in accounting! she is very smart and her example makes me want to go back to school... sometimes :)
these are just a few reasons why we are glad to have marci as a friend! happy birthday!

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