Tuesday, February 10, 2009

booo for RENO!

so for those of you who dont know, jace is a senior at UVU in the construction management program. every year they pick a team of guys who go to reno, nv to represent the school in a construction competition; and every year the competition just happens to fall during the week of valentine's day. this shouldnt surprise me considering MEN are in charge of the competition. so jace will leave tomorrow around 6 a.m. and wont be home until saturday night (VALENTINES DAY) around midnight. to say the least... i am BUMMED! this has been the third year he has gone, so i guess i should be use to being sweetheart-less on valentine's day. to make matters worse, i absolutley HATE being alone.. i wish McRae was here already to keep me busy... i really shouldnt complain. this is a huge opportunity for jace and our family. one of the days during the competition there is a huge job fair in which hundreds of construction companies come from around the country to recruit new employees. they typically look at the seniors because they will soon be done with school and wanting a career. so jace is really excited and i am trying to be. but all i can think about is sleeping by myself for three nights in a row! last year UVU came out on top and jace came home with all smiles and a trophy that he proudly displays in our living room. all i can say is... to make this all worth it... they better WIN!


Jordan said...

Aww, Karen, I'm so sorry Jace is going to be gone for so long! Shawn has been gone a couple nights for school field trip type things and for scouts (his calling). It is no fun! And three days in a row?!? I hope you can have a good Valentine's day even without your lover there.

Jessica said...

Welcome to the blogging world Karen!! :) Hope things are going well for u and Jace and soon to be McRae!